It doesn’t take much to damage your windshield: a tiny stone flying at a high velocity can do some serious chipping and cracking. However, it also doesn’t take long to repair this damage.


A car that needs windshield glass replacement in Glen Burnie, MDDon’t assume that a crack in your windshield means the entire glass has to be replaced. Our trained Baltimore windshield repair technicians have saved many windshields by performing delicate repairs that last for years. Stop by our shop or call us and we’ll give you our honest opinion if your auto glass is salvageable. And if it is, you can drive away with the fixed windshield the same day.

Enjoy fast and convenient Baltimore windshield repair service

Tell you more – because windshield repair tools are portable, we’ll be happy to come out to your location and take care of your windshield while you are at work, in the gym or on your lunch break. It’s crucial that you contact us as soon as you notice a crack or a chip, because driving with a cracked windshield may cause cracks to spread, which may compromise the structural integrity of the glass.


If windshield replacement is your best option, we’ll help you all the way from ordering the right type and size of glass to performing a sound installation and filing an insurance claim. We understand the importance of the correct installation of your windshield: it is crucial to the structural strength of your vehicle and for your personal safety, which is why we stand by our work. Contact us for Baltimore windshield replacement today!