Clearview Auto Glass and Tint now offers a variety of tinting services for vehicles, homes and commercial buildings. Our tinting professionals have over 10 years of experience in the industry and have worked on many projects, including tint application on our company’s vans and office windows – come check out the results! The tint we use comes from Solar Guard, a leader in innovative product design.

Fast & Professional Auto Glass Tinting

A car receiving auto glass tinting servicesAny glass, any window – we can tint it to your liking. Driving takes a lot of concentration and windshield tint helps you keep your focus on the road by reducing glare and intensity of the sunlight.

Tinting passenger windows, as well as the rear window makes the ride more comfortable for your passengers and also adds a benefit of privacy.  And let’s not forget about the looks – tinted windows instantly make your car look sleek and cool.

Solar Guard automotive solar tint blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and provides SPF of over 1000 – great solution if you spend most of your day on the road.

Our tinting techs at Clearview Auto Glass and Tint are familiar with all state and federal laws and regulations regarding auto glass tint and will let you know whether your tinting preferences fall within the guidelines. We offer in-shop tinting for private car owners and optional mobile services for commercial and fleet vehicles. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment – we can make it happen in one day!

Computer Cut Window Film

Need an exact fit? Our state-of-the art plotter digitally generates and cuts window tint patterns to your vehicle’s exact specifications, ensuring the best fit every time.

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

Tinting windows in your home or office is more about functionality than the looks. Solar Guard residential and commercial window tint can serve many purposes and make your life a lot more comfortable and safer by

  • Blocking the heat and reducing summer cooling costs
  • Reducing fading of flooring, furniture and upholstery directly in front of the window
  • Strengthening the glass and making it more resistant to impact
  • Holding the pieces together and minimizing dangerous debris in case of an impact
  • Minimizing glare on TVs and computer monitors

The technology of residential and commercial window tinting has come a long way. Once applied, you can barely tell from the outside whether a window is tinted, but on the inside you feel a big difference. Fill out the form on the right to schedule an appointment. Feel free to call us with any questions.