A car that needs auto glass repairs in Glen Burnie, MDGlass tends to chip, crack and break, and while auto glass is more sound and durable than your kitchenware, it’s still prone to accidents. Whether a stone flew from the car in front of you or your teenager had an eventful baseball practice in your driveway, we can fix the damage.

Call us if the glass is slightly chipped or shattered into pieces – no job is too small or too big for us. We can fix glass on any vehicle, no matter how old, large or rare it is. If you need Baltimore auto glass repair services, don’t wait till a small chip spreads into a spider web half the size of your windshield. Call us today while the damage is still repairable. If you must drive with a cracked auto glass, follow these tips:

  • Protect the crack or chip from dirt and water, as it can hinder the repair process
  • Don’t leave your car in the sun and don’t blast AC inside to avoid drastic temperature changes
  • Be gentle while closing the doors and driving – avoid bumps, potholes and uneven roads

If the crack obstructs your vision or is quickly spreading, call your auto repair specialist immediately, because your car might not be safe to drive.

In case of a broken or missing auto glass, our skilled Baltimore auto glass replacement technicians will find the right glass for your car model, order and install it in no time. If you already purchased the glass, we’ll be happy to install it for you for a flat fee.

Mobile service and 24/7 emergency service are also available. Call us for a free estimate!


There is no short cut for a very safe windshield installation.  Only the best adhesives and proper installation techniques can guarantee the safety performance of a windshield during a collision.  We are committed in providing our customers with a safe, convenient auto glass repair or replacement. That’s why we have the 1-Hour Safe Drive-Away Time Guarantee; a promise that because of our advance Sika Adhesives, your vehicle will have maximum protection within one hour of the installation.